If you are a Football Center, a Private stadium, a School, a community that is willing to make your field profitable, you can join forces with us and become a Stadium partner.   You will now have access to an unlimited number of players looking to play into your arena.
We give you the ability to promote your center facilities throughout our dedicated platform, reaching a qualified and receptive audience. Increase your exposure and digital visibly, be proud, and showcase your Center.   - We will provide you with a tailor-made admin platform and access to manage your bookings. - We have built an entire platform dedicated to Football centers that allows online bookings. No more last-minute cancellations! - You have access to the “trusty players” and organize your fields with peace of mind. - You can organize and manage Leagues or Tournaments with your app and offer an easy to use added value to your players. Increase your player’s loyalty by rewarding them and showcasing your centers’ connective tools.